Sleaford Mods rework Stechmück

POLE has teamed up with uncompromising political British duo Sleaford Mods for what sounds – on paper – like an unlikely collaboration.
The new reworking to be shared from a forthcoming EP of remixes of tracks from Pole’s latest album Tempus, sees Sleaford Mods take the glacial-paced brooding stepper of ‘Stechmück’, completely reworking it with their skewed pop sensibilities. Bouncing beats, squelching baselines and watery electronic echoes accompany Jason Williamson’s world view of consumer nihilism.
Andrew Fearn from Sleaford Mods said, “Pole is such a brilliant producer. It’s a pleasure and an honour to collaborate with him, I’ve been a fan for a long time, seeing him play at Café OTO in London last year was sublime.
Stefan Betke goes on to say, “I have been listening to Sleaford Mods’ music for many years. I saw them live a long time ago and they left something in my brain: the straight political attitude, the music and the energy they create blows my mind. To hear Jason “talk” about real life makes my day, and Andrew’s solo work is outstanding. Sleaford Mods have long been my dream team to collaborate with, and now it happened!”

Pole´s “Stechmück” Remix EP will be released November 24th 2023

Listen to the ‘Stechmück’ (Sleaford Mods Rework) here: