NOV24th 2023: TEMPUS Remixes

Pole´s TEMPUS REMIX EP  is OUT NOW on Mute.
Feat. Sleaford Mods, Rrose and Alessandro Cortini.
The EP features a new remix from Italian composer, musician, and label mate Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails, SONOIO), who remixes the title track from Betke’s latest album, Tempus. His remix steadily unfolds, with an expanding and retracting rhythm that seemingly reflects the past, present and future “tense” of the track’s title. Betke says, “Alessandro’s unique way of using analogue Synthesisers and Modular Systems blows me away, he has such a strong and warm sounding spectrum of sound.” Cortini goes on to say, “Pole’s debut trilogy albums have been in my collection forever and are always included in whichever device I have with me. His effortless ability to mix sonic and emotional relevance is unparalleled, I couldn’t say no when asked to work on his music!”

Listen to Tempus (Alessandro Cortini Remix)

Also featured, alongside the recently released rework of ‘Stechmück’ by uncompromising duo Sleaford Mods is a new remix by experimental techno producer and composer Rrose, who said: “It was an honor to work with Pole’s warm, crackling sounds which have been an inspiration to me since I got my hands on his first vinyl release in 1998.” Betke, talking about Rrose, explains, “We met in the late ‘90s and I really was really inspired by Seth´s music (then under his early name Suthek). Since that time I’ve been following his work and the Rrose project is a milestone for me.”

Listen to Stechmück (Rrose Remix)

Listen to the Tempus Remix EP: