waldgeschichten 3

format: 12inch vinyl / digital
cat.#: PL12
release date: aug 27th 2012

a: lurch (6:37)
b: moos (7:37)

The third and final part of the “waldgeschichten” 12inch series highlights and expands upon pole´s distinctive sound, connecting to the first two parts of the trilogy in a charming way. Again a fundamental element is the very specific drum sound embedded in complex dubby structures, seamlessly unified with the warm and deep basslines.

If you have had the pleasure of listening to one of pole´s live concerts recently, then you will immediately recognize the “lurch” and “moos”.

After the stripped down second part of the trilogy, with its wintery atmosphere, these tracks appear to be floating in melancholy. The field recordings and sounds fade away into echoes, grounded with massive bass.

This is a perfect conclusion to the series, offering a foretaste of the upcoming pole album.